Mayura Park Temple

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About Mayura Park Temple

Mayura temple was built by king A.A Made Karangasem, in 1744 when Bali kingdom still reigned over Lombok island. At the beginning it called Kelepug Palace Garden. The name came from the sound ‘kelepug..kelepug’ from the strongly-flowed water from the spring which fell in the palace’s pool. The name turned into Mayura park temple when the park and the temple were renovated by A.A Ngurah Karangasem in around 1866. The word ‘mayura’ was taken from the Sanskrit language which means peacock bird. At that time, there were many snakes around the temple which disturbed people to do the praying. Some counselors advised to breed peacock bird around the park and the temple so they would make the snakes as their prey. Since then, the name of Mayura park was known.

[Mayura Temple Park Mataram] Mayura park offers a combined atmosphere of nature, religious and history. The park area is divided into two parts, park and temple.

The park area is neatly arranged. When you’re in it, you will feel a natural peaceful. Around the park there are lines of mangosteen trees and well-treated green grass. The park is also completed with pool which in the middle of it, there is a building which used to be a meeting place or to accept guests. The building is called Rat Kerteof also called often as gili (which mean ‘small island’ in Sasak language).

According to a park keeper, the main spirit of this park is a temple which located in the beginning of the pool. But this temple is often missed because the park’s attractive side and the visitor’s attention are widely covered by the park’s vast area.

In the temple area and the worship place, there are four main temples, which are Mount Rinjani, Ngelurah, Padmasana, and Gedong temple. Gedong temple is usually functioned as a worship place which is widely visited by Hindu people from around the world.

Because it becomes a worshipping place for Hindu people all around the world, Gedong temple is also known as Jagad rana temple (jagad means world in Sanskrit language). In this temple area, Hindu atmosphere can be strongly felt.

[temple mayura lombok] If you want to know more about the history and the background of Mayura park temple, you could see the caretaker in Bale Pawedan.

Temple area is not only visited by Hindu people only. Everyone is allow to enter the temple area and to see this historical building. But in certain holidays, such as Galungan, Kuningan or other holidays, the temple is forbidden for public.

Mayura park is located in business and store centre in Cakranegara ,Mataram Lombok. To get there, can be done by personal car or public transportation. If you use personal car, it only takes 15 minutes from Mataram city. You need to go to Cakranegara four junctions, and Mayura prk is located about 500 m from it. If you use public transportation, take the yellow car which goes to east. Ask the driver to put you down in Mayura park with cost IDR 5,000.

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