360° Virtual Tour

Virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of images. They also may use other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text. Unlike video tours which we only can view all location depend on camera point of view, in virtual tour we can interact with the scene and view all around the location as we want, in just click and drag the scene.

Why Virtual Tour?

Herewith the best point to answer the question why virtual tour is very important tools for your business

Interactive Virtual Tours based on the digital photography, this is not a 3D model or imaginary projection. Everything you see is represent the site conditions at the time the photo was taken, so it really exist!
You can interact with the scene. You can observe every corner of the room, going from one room to another, looked around the room, even zoom in and out interactively. Unlike a video tour that you can only see the tour according to the scenario, without you can do anything on it
Wide range of platform support. With the latest technology of virtual tour, everybody can 'play' virtual tour on the Windows, Linux, and Mac Platform with envolved small and lightweight resources. Virtual Tour also have a great integration with internet, multimedia, and even mobile technology such as Android, IPad, and IPhone platform.
Great 3rd-party feature integration. Nowday, virtual tour can integrate with the most popular 3rd party internet service application such as Google Map. So everyone all around the world can access it lightly and easily.
High value of low-cost investation. Give the best impression of your business to your clients and prospect with an affordable price is the dream of every businessman, and a virtual tour is the solution!

Do my business needs virtual tour?

If you have a location site or facility which is one of important object on your business? Yes, you need it!

Virtual Tour reach among the best alternatives way to promote a location and facility due to its interactivity. On today throughout the world has many industries and businesses that use virtual tours both in terms of promoting a business location, as well as corporate presentation tools in improving its image.

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